eating  for  the  green  apple

Shopping Guide:

The supermarket is a great place to start to stock your pantry with 
yummy foods that will help you reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by your diet. 

How to get started:
  1. Fresh Vegetables-Kale, bock choy, broccoli and cauliflower are some examples of great addition to any hot meal. They cook quickly and have great tastes even without spices
  2. Protein Rich Foods- Check out the protein rich grains and seeds listed on page X of this toolkit such as quinoa and chia seeds. The packages to these foods always have preparation instructions and often have yummy recipes to try! If you cannot find it do not be afraid to ask the supermarket staff and show them how it is spelled because some of these food names can be hard to pronounce.
  3. Canned Soups and Main Dish Vegetarian Items- Supermarkets and Natural Food Stores stock a huge array of these in the soup aisle. Some soups are minestrone, Black Bean, and Lentil and Vegetable are meat free. Main dishes to try are meat-less chili and meat-less sloppy joe mix.
  4. Frozen Entrees- Many supermarkets have entire frozen food aisles dedicated to meat free dishes such as veggie burgers, meat-free lasagnas, bean and cheese burritos and much more.

Try these sample meal plans: